Current travel situation


The “advice not to travel abroad” will apply up to and including Thursday 15 April,2021. The government suggests not travel outside the Netherlands unless absolutely necessary. The current measures and travel restrictions in the Netherlands:


If you are travelling from a high-risk area in the EU/Schengen Area, you are subject to extraordinary restrictions adopted by the Netherlands:


  • COVID-19 negative tests

  • Mandatory self-quarantine. 

The high-risk country is any country that is NOT in the list of Netherlands Safe countries with low COVID-19 risks. 


If you are travelling from a country outside of the EU/Schengen Area, you are subject to EU travel ban. 


However, as a third-country student coming to the Netherlands to study for more than 3 months, you meet the EU travel ban exemption criteria and are allowed to enter into the Netherlands. You are required to take the extraordinary measures mentioned above when entering into the Netherlands. Students with study period less than 3 months are currently suspended from entering into the Netherlands. 


If you are travelling from a safe country in the list, there is no need to do the negative test result upon arrival. 


Are there any travel restrictions on the students’ country of origin?


Yes, the Netherlands imposes a ban on passenger flights coming from South Africa, Central and South America countries due to the high presence of the new variants of COVID-19. 


The flight ban is currently in place until 01.04.2021. The countries subject to the flight ban can to be checked here: 

Do I need a PCR test? 


If you are travelling from a high-risk country and you are aged more than 13, you are required to present proof that you have been tested negative for COVID-19.


What is the quarantine situation?


You must self-quarantine for 10 days immediately after arrival in the Netherlands. You can shorten your quarantine period and get tested again on day 5 after your arrival. If the result is negative, you can end your quarantine. 


If you are coming from a safe country, you are a cross-border commuter, student or school child, there is no need to self-quarantine.